Watermelon Rituals :: Our Haven, Denver Children Documentary Photography

The calmest mothering days have a rhythm around here: the kids flow between playing contentedly and hanging on my shirt, Henry is always building or taking apart some toy, recently Hazel is making piles of clothes and shoes for me to help her take on and off as she explores her fashion sense, and I can be found just trying to keep up. 

This month marks 5 years since Drew and I began our adventure into parenthood. I’m counting from when Henry was conceived because it was, while not unintentional, unexpectedly quickly and we found out we were pregnant with him, almost before it even seemed like we had decided to try. 5 years later, our home has been full of the sounds of baby feet longer than it was quiet with just the musings of the two of us, and we are grateful. 

With two babes in my arms, I realize that the years have a rhythm of their own too, not just the days. I was reminded of this a few weeks ago as I grabbed my camera to capture some quick shots of the kids slurping up a summer ripened watermelon and laying on the patio playing astronaut “blast off!” as Henry calls it. With every frame of Hazel I grabbed I recalled such similar images of Henry when he was just 2-years old. I went back to pull up those images and threw a few in here. Do you do that often? Pull up old images of your children? It’s truly striking. 

Anyway, we have family photos coming up ourselves and I’ve been wondering if I should do something out of the ordinary this year. We save all year to invest in images of our family with photographers we feel like we can really trust to capture the love between us. I’ve been wondering if I should pick a new location and buy new outfits this year, tempted to buy into the whole shebang of portrait photography, but looking through these simple backyard images I’m reminded of why I believe in these kinds of moments so much and I think we’ll stay, once again, in our own back yard for our family pictures. It’s truly where we all shine and I can’t ask for more than that.