The Patrick Family, Part 1 :: Boulder Family Documentary Photography

So, if you were to ask me what my ideal session would be, this would be it. Not to seem unfair to all my other families, who are each and every one my favorite, but this one had that elusive blend of magic, light and summertime. I can’t explain it, but it probably has something to do with the fact that awesome possum Mom, Ari and I are each other’s spirit animals. We don’t know each other super well, but have several mutual friends who connect us. Whenever we do talk it’s one of those, “You too?! I thought I was the only one!” kind of conversations.  Every time. We even have shown up wearing the same clothes to play dates. It’s providential. 

Anyway, since this session at the end of last summer, the Patricks have added baby Dottie to their midst. Mother nature has been against us for almost a month now in getting their new session on the calendar, but I’m sure she won’t hold out much longer. And while you’ve probably seen many of these images around, because I’m obsessed with them, I thought I’d finally OFFICIALLY share them. But, behold the part 1, for part 2 is hopefully coming very soon. 

So, without further ado, and in honor of the best kind of evening: the summer evening.