The Combs Welcome baby Elsie :: Denver Family Documentary Session, Haven Session

Last week I went to photograph the Combs Family as they were settling into life as a family of four. Precious Ingrid was joined by her sister Elsie and these two girls could just melt your heart. 

The first time I worked with the Combs Family was when Ingrid was born, during the massive flooding in Boulder, CO in the Fall of 2013. The flooding caused damage so severe to their home and neighborhood that they were not able to bring Ingrid home from the hospital, to the home they had just purchased for their growing family. To work with them again, this time in much less stressful circumstances, was a reminder for me of just what a Haven is: it is not just a home or a house, but it is anywhere where your family is gathered, where you feel safe and joyful. For the Combs this time around, that Haven is in the room their daughters will now share and in the glorious CO sunshine beaming down in their backyard with the most perfect view of Boulder in the background, just waiting to take your breath away.