The birth of Zayda Ruth - Denver Birth Photography

Newborn baby girl from Denver Birth Photographer, Haven Life & Photo and Rachael Hope

There are few things as wonderful in the world as watching one of your best friends becoming a mother. And while every birth is miraculous in it’s own powerful way, some birth stories really just take root in my own heart. This is one of those stories, as told by my dear friend Aneta Nina of Give with Joy

Image from Birth at Lutheran in Denver Colorado by Haven Life & Photo and Rachael Hope

Six months ago, our first child, Zayda Ruth entered this world on her due date.

Newborn Baby Girl born in Denver Colorado by Haven Life & Photo and Rachael Hope

I labored for 30+ hours to bring her into the world, most of that time feeling frustrated, hungry, tired…and hungry. For hours of painful contractions I bounced on the ball, dipped my toes in the jacuzzi, squeezed my husband's and Rachael's hands and didn’t progress. I experienced the sweet relief of an epidural and sleep, but still progressed so slowly. Hours seemed to stretch into days, and the rain draining outside our window reminded us of our drained energy and emotion. And then, after one last push, she came. And what seemed so scary at the time was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my entire life. I fell back in relief and awe of what our amazing bodies can do, holding life and bringing it into the world.

Six months later and I am in full momma mode. Taking care of Zayda is such a gift, but it's also hard. It stretches you beyond what you thought you could do, but I couldn't imagine a day without her. Reliving these images just brings it all back, that incredible day that changed our lives for forever.

Image of newborn and mother bonding in Denver Colorado by Haven Life & Photo and Rachael Hope

And if I could just offer one piece of advice to any Mother-to-be, eat before you go to the hospital. Seriously. You’ve been warned.