the beckham family :: Denver documentary family photography

“Why would anyone ever eat anything other than breakfast food?” ~Leslie Knope

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day, and when you have kids, a precious time. Morning is a time of fresh faces, renewed spirits, snuggles, and just pure bliss. At least that’s the way it usually is in our house, and apparently this precious family’s house as well. 

I’d photographed Ellen, Joel and Oliver a few years ago. They were up for my newest inspiration then and totally jumped into a styled session. Then last year, when their family had grown a new precious baby girl, Willa, they again jumped into my newest photography obsession: the One-Room Session. They warmly invited me into their home to capture their breakfast rituals, their dance parties, their games and chase, and their general Saturday shenanigans. What they couldn’t help but share was their deep love and connection with one another, their close family bond, and their sincere joy at simply being together. Rarely have I met a sweeter, kinder or more genuinely kind family. I hope to continue capturing their journey together. It is a pure and simple joy that seems to rich to be mine. 

This is everything the One-Room session was created to do: to capture love shared so unabashed in family so comfortable with who they are.