Nora is born - Colorado Birth Photographer

Image from a C-Section Birth in Colorado Springs Colorado

Well, first of all today, I have to CONGRATULATE the wonderful Easterling Family who welcomed baby Nora just a mere three weeks ago with a peaceful C-Section Birth in Colorado Springs.

I was beyond honored to capture this family growing from three to four, especially since I began photographing them almost over 4 years ago when Jonah was just a baby! Now he is a BIG brother to an adorable baby sister and I'm just so excited for this sweet and precious family that I'm blessed to call friends after all these years. 

After a stressful final few weeks of pregnancy, Allison was finally scheduled for a C-Section with baby Nora (who was presenting breach.) With hospital rules varying greatly from location to location, I wasn't sure what to expect as far as my ability to capture the day for Allison and Cory, but we all talked a lot about expectations and hopes and fears and when the day came, it just couldn't have gone smoother for anyone. I watched, totally in awe of Allison's strength and baby Nora came into the world perfectly healthy and beautiful. The hospital staff was so generous to me and allowed me to capture everything except the procedure itself. BUT, from triage to Nora's first bath and bottle, I was so honored to capture so many of her firsts. (If you remember, Allison is a hugely talented photographer herself, so I was especially honored/nervous to work with her as always and capture these moments for her when she couldn't capture them herself.)

Anyway...I'm gushing so I'll stop, and I hope you all enjoy these images of a precious and special day. Next week I'll share Nora's 2 week close-up. OMGoodness is she adorable!