Jonathan & Amanda are Engaged! {Colorado Springs, CO: Engagement photography}

So...sorry I ditched you all on Monday. I was a busy beaver working on these lovely portraits and I'm so excited to share them with you today! 

Remember last week when I went on this whole thing about not photographing weddings any more, expect for one exception? Well meet the exception...Jonathan & Amanda! I've literally known Jonathan since he was born and we call each other 'brother' and 'sister' because, well, that's what we are! Our parents were all college buddies and they raised their kids (us) together and even though states have separated us for more years now than not, well some bonds of friendship and family are just stronger than space. So, when Jonathan and his incredibly lovely fiance Amanda called and asked me to photograph their wedding this fall, I was beyond humbled, honored and EXCITED! 

Jonathan & Amanda came all the way to Colorado (from New Mexico) for me to photograph their engagement photos, and so Amanda and I could meet in person before the wedding to talk girl-talk... ;) We had the most phenomenal time hanging out for hours on Sunday night and these two just lit up the camera! It was amazing! Shot after shot just glowing with their sweet love, googly eyes for each other, charismatic attraction, and lots of just fun loving, well, FUN!  

Enjoy these two sweeties and be inspired by their beautiful and romantic young love...it's the kind of stuff great stories are made of.  

(PS - the ORU {Oral Robert's University} t-shirts at the end were so cute because these two met when JJ sold Amanda one as he was raising money for a missions trip! How cute is it that?!)