on the mundane week :: Denver Haven Blog

More than many things, I wish I could write in long and beautiful prose. It’s my dream to be able to string words together in a way that both inspire and encourage and leave a mark on those who read them. I love the written word, and I long to make a mark of my own on the shelves of words worth reading. 

I don’t know if that dream will ever come true. Maybe over the years I will practice and write and work on it and someday, make that mark. But today, my mark was made in practical ways. It was made with the toys I picked up, the booboos I kissed, the bottoms I wiped and the home I managed. It’s been a seemingly uninspired week around here, full of errands, spring cleaning, rearranging furniture when I’ve been feeling bored of chores, and lots of time with my babies. It’s had some real highs and some real lows, but in the throws of every day life, the words just haven’t been coming. 

There is a lot of wonderful writing out there inspiring all of us to find the joy, the love and the hope in the small and mundane places in our lives as mothers. I don’t really feel that I have anything significant to add to that canon.

I can regularly be found soaking in the words of any business book you hand me, telling me to take life and business and creativity by the horns because no one else can offer the world what I have to offer. But some weeks just don’t lend themselves to business planning, brainstorming and all the rest. 

Most days are a great mix of both camps. 

In a few weeks I’m starting an online course about integrating creativity and your family instead of seeking balance between the two. It’s taught by a photographer, writer and mother I greatly admire from a distance and when I read the class description, I was moved by the words that felt like a page from my soul, asking questions on how to do all these things that I love so much. I’m nervous but oh so excited for the adventure.

The more days I survive in this crazy home, the less I believe in balance or having it all. What I am starting to believe in is integration of all my passions into a haven for my family and for my clients. A constant synergy of creative collaboration in my home? I mean, a girl can dream. 

Till then, I have a bunny cage to clean, some floors to sweep, some babies to kiss, and some fun pictures to share.