Lauren & Abby, A #havenswindow Session - Denver Documentary Photography

This corner. The corner by the window, with wispy incandescent curtains that filter the afternoon sunshine into rays of hope and strength in the witching hour. The corner where a cool breeze has blown on my face to cool the post-partum heat radiating from my body while I nurse the cooing newborn. The rocking chair that has heart a hundred hymns sung while the babes to big for my lap ease their breathing to a dreamless sleep, while stars watch over them through the window. 

This is a corner I prayed for. A corner where I find peace. Where I read to find hope, joy and comfort, and where I go to comfort. During the morning hours it is often covered in laundry, going unnoticed next to our bed, forgotten in the chaos of a day's work and worry. But it's always there, hiding under the clutter, prepared with its open arms, withered by the generations of rocking mothers before me who have come to it to find peace. 

This place is my Haven, and now I am sharing it with you, my friends and my fellow mothers. It's a place sacred to me and therefore an idea that may only call to very few souls, and that's ok. But if this call of my heart reaches your weary heart dear friend, then I truly believe you and I were meant to meet here. Maybe you need a quiet place to come and hug your children, reading them a book and drinking in their scent. Maybe you need a place and a quiet moment to remember the blessing of these littles, instead of the burden. Maybe you can't find peace outside of your own home and head in this season, and I can completely relate.

So please, come borrow my little #havenscorner. Let me create a quiet moment for you. Let me brew you a cup of tea. Let me capture these moments for you and create a small handful of images worth printing and putting in your Haven as a reminder of this peace.

Contact me here for more information and availability. And thank you to my dear friend Lauren and her precious littles who met me here first. Our hearts truly beat as one in this season of motherhood, and I am forever grateful.