Guest Post: Aneta of Give with Joy :: Denver Documentary Photography

Today my bestie Aneta, creator of Give with Joy Etsy Shop and Blog, is sharing about the anticipation of first babies and about the community of fellow mothers, who really become more like sisters, who get us all through these seasons of change. A Haven is made up first of our families, but I hope yours also includes at least one sisterhood that knows you inside and out. For us, Aneta and her husband Steve are a part of our Haven and our hearts. We all are so close to them, especially our kids, and our home just wouldn't be the same without their regular presence. I know that I feel ever grateful for the sisterhood I’ve found in friendship with Aneta. She is ever giving, ever loving, and ever inspiring. I can not wait for this precious baby to join the world later this summer and I will always be honored to be counted as a sister of this amazing woman. I hope you feel blessed and challenged by her words today. (Enjoy the pics from Aneta’s studio last fall, right before she found out she was pregnant.) 

From Aneta:

Maybe you’re reading this and you have little ones running around or maybe your kids have become adults and live outside your home. Or maybe you’re reading this and you’re waiting for an adoption to go through or you are longing to have children.

 Let me tell you, you’re rockin’ motherhood, wherever you are at.

I pray this isn’t the first time you read or heard those words. I pray you have a sisterhood that is alongside you, cheering you on, gently correcting and supporting you, understanding you, and pouring out grace and love to you. 

I always knew I wanted to be a mother and before I found out I was pregnant, my husband and I took a leap of faith and began the foster care certification process.

And so motherhood began for me then and with it came a lot of growth. The growth came from a place of struggling to find grace and to failing to meet the great expectations placed upon me from others and myself.

I found myself stressed and in tears over great expectations placed on me, but truth be told I was in the middle – and still am – of learning a lesson of finding my voice and boldness in standing firm in my convictions. I love people deeply, but that’s also my burden. I choose to please others instead of doing what I know I need to do. Anyone else?

I was having lunch with a friend who became a mother two years ago. We shared frustrations in the comparisons and expectations that steal our joy. We can’t compare our parenting and our kids to each other. We can’t allow expectations to make decisions we wouldn’t be making.

We enter motherhood fully expecting to feel this amazing joy from a little one. She did and I know I will. Yet, in the midst of joy comes the reality of a new life – a surrendered one, even as my little girl is still growing in my body and I feel this deep fear of the unknown.

It broke my heart to hear my friend telling me her fears and how she has had to settle to do what was expected of her rather than what she desired for her son – her family. It broke my heart because I know she had these fears for months before voicing them, before someone asked about them.

Where is sisterhood? Where are we encouraging and loving one another to do what’s best and not what’s convenient for others?

Where is sisterhood? Where are we asking questions and responding with deep love for each other?

Where is sisterhood? Where are we supporting one another and not competing or comparing?

 Where is sisterhood? Where are we to help break each other from fear and deep hurt?

I can’t tell you how many tears I have shed already. My heart is holding in fears and anxiety of things that have not happened yet, I know my God is there, gently correcting me to dispense His love and grace.

His goodness wraps around me when I feel overwhelmed. He makes me bolder and He brings me women that create a sense of sisterhood.

Be a sister to someone. A sister, who supports, encourages, gently corrects, and loves deeply.

Next time you’re at the park and you see a mom isolated, go to her. She may just need you to be a sister. I know that I am stronger and more confident because of my sisters.