October 2010

the land of 10,000 lakes {personal}

I've realized something about myself.  If I don't work on Drew and I's personal travel pictures right away when I get home, I get caught up in the deluge of editing that comes from photographing a wedding every weekend and I never get to them...obviously evidenced by the fact that I still haven't touched our NY photos from August.  So this morning I worked on pictures of some beautiful MN lake country our family visited this past weekend and now I'm moving on to some Denver wedding photography for the afternoon.

Anyway, these beautiful photos are all owed to my Uncle Matt and his new bride Krystal whose family shared their lake front resort with us this past Friday.  To say that this lake country is breathtaking with it's peaceful breeze over the water and captivating fall colors would be a huge understatement.  The colors are truly vibrant as you can see and we were all in awe.  It was truly a restful morning on the water and fun with the siblings I love so much too.  I'm thankful to have experienced fall in the beautiful north country. 

don't you just want to go sit in these chairs in an oversized sweater with some tea and a novel?  It's like this scene came out of a movie or something.

beautiful sister #1

beautiful sister #2

my aviator brother