March 2013

To My Little Man on his 2nd Birthday {Personal}

My sweet boy, you are a miracle.  You are a marvel.  I know because I stop and stare at your ways and they amaze me.  To say that you are filled with an energetic life force would be a gross understatement of description about your person.

You are vibrant.

You are energy itself.

You are curiosity.

You are discovery.

You are earnestness and honesty in little boy form.

Life will take you on many journeys and it will not wait until you are old enough, wise enough or strong enough my son. Therefore I tell you again that you are a child of the Most High God and he has filled you full of life. You are already equipped for every good work and adventure that is sure to cross you path, even at 2 years old.

As it has already, may love and grace be your compass and adventure you map. As it was with you 2nd year, your 3rd year will surely be filled with joy and pain, love and frustration, opportunities to be bold and brave, giggles to be giggled, tears to be cried, hearts waiting to be bonded, words waiting to be learned, new skills to be shown off. 

Your Father and I can't wait to live every moment with you. To laugh at and with you.  To hold you when you cry.  To be there even when you can't see or feel us. To extend grace and discipline. To instigate learning and to follow your lead in discovery. To play cars and trains endlessly and to name any and everything you do that cute pointing thing at. We promise to marvel at the world with you, and we'll be marveling at you at the same time.

Just remember (and we'll keep telling you,) that you were created by a marvelous Creator who loves you more than you could ask or imagine.  It is because of him and his love and grace that we will say tomorrow: 

Happy 2nd Birthday Little Man!

We love you to the moon and back.  You are truly our sunshine.