June 2015

The Hills Welcome Baby Noah :: Denver Birth & Documentary Photography, Haven Session

There is something really sacred about siblings meeting each other for the first time. I remember meeting my siblings when I was a child. Henry and Hazel’s first meeting was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. In my work as a birth photographer, I LOVE photographing babies coming into the world, but often times, my favorite images from a birth are of babies meeting their families and especially their siblings for the first time. All children react differently, but no matter the facial expression or excitement, there is so much joy in the moment, and I can’t help but feel overwhelmed in capturing the birth of not only a child, but hopefully a life-long friendship. 

All of those emotions and all of that excitement was present in the meeting of Ella and her new baby brother Noah: excitement and trepidation, tears and laughter. Because it was respiratory season, Ella couldn’t go to the hospital right away to meet her brother, so I helped coordinate with Mom and Dad to have her, and their beautiful home, all ready for this special meeting. Ella looked, stayed back, observed, ate strawberries, reached out to give a paci, laughed, warmed up, and finally offered a kiss. It’s become hands down one of my favorite sessions ever, and I’m so grateful to Brandon and Reina not only for inviting me to continue to document their lovely family (you can see their previous sessions HERE and HERE,) but also for making this session work for them and being open to doing something different. 

Congratulations on being a family of 4 you guys. It fits you so well. xoxo!

This session is a beautiful example of a One-Room Session and how it can be applied to any season or event in you family’s life. It’s also an amazing example of how to make a documentary style session work for you if birth photography is not something that fits your desired birth experience. I hope it will inspire anyone who views these images of how truly touching and unique documentary photography can be for any and every family. 

If you're interested in chatting about scheduling this type of session for your family, I would LOVE to hear your ideas. Just SCROLL DOWN to the bottom of the page and fill out the contact form to shoot me an email. I can't wait to hear from you!