February 2011

40 days till D day {personal}

I just thought I'd share a few updated maternity photos with you all like I promised! Today we are only 40 days away from our due date.  Now that we're so close, I'm starting to count the days left instead of the weeks lived...I don't know if that helps but I do know that we are so so anxious to meet our little man :)

A few thoughts about being pregnant these days:

*all the tummy photos, posing and tummy holding earlier that I thought made me look pregnant - I laugh at those now...I had no idea how big I'd get in just a matter of weeks!

*my hair is so gosh darn straight and sadly is getting flatter by the day.  If the body doesn't bounce back after Henry gets here I'm seriously going to consider getting a wave.

*today is a very good day :) mostly because yesterday was a very difficult day.  my mountains and valleys seem to be getting more extreme, but that’s probably due to my sleep deprivation, due to not being able to get comfy at night, due to Henry getting SO big and being SO active...I guess I can deal for 40-ish (hopefully less) more days though :)

*we finished our natural birthing class and I just soaked up the information like a sponge.  next on the list is to finalize our birth plan and go to our hospital visit in two weeks!

*If a differentiation could exist, I would consider this series of photos to be more about self-portraiture than maternity photos.  They capture the comfortableness of being at home, wrinkled shirt imperfection, hair-not-done days that I'm currently living.  They're unfocused as are many of my days the last few weeks, and yet they mark this season and all it's beauty.


my view...

No pictures of H's room this week as it's in the stormy mess required during the organization process.  However, it is coming together and having the reminder that he's coming soon is so fun!

My reading list these days.  I always struggle with having to many books started at a time, but I like to read a little bit of everything or I feel guilty like I'm missing out on some great writing and I'll never get to it.  Anyway, I'm getting a lot out of each of these great books!

My Valentine's Day tullips from Drew.  I always love when he buys me out of ordinary flowers.  Seasonal flowers are always so beautiful!

That's all for today :)  Hope you are all enjoying the nice sunshiny weather.  As always, I'd love to hear from you if you have time!