December 2011

a very merry christmas {personal family photography}


All you beneath your heavy load,

by care and guilt bent low.

Who toil along a dreary way,

with painful steps and slow.

Look up for golden is the hour,

come swiftly on the wing,

the Prince was born to give you peace,

of him the angles sing:

Come ye angels,

hither on,

Slumbers here,

King of all,

All ye Heavens,

bend and see,

All that love has done for me.


-Come Ye Angels by Grace Laxon & Tom Monson 


We wish peace, happiness and health to all our clients, friends and loved ones this Christmas and in the coming year.  Thank you for all your love and support through such a life changing year.  We look forward to sharing many more with you all.

Merry Christmas,

Drew, Rachael, Henry & Manchester