August 2012

Gary & Karen Get Married {Wedding Portraiture: Colorado Springs, CO}

She was the girl next door, and he was the boy who invited her on an evening walk.  While it would seem as though the rest were history, their journey would not be that easy.  After many many years of faithful waiting for the Lord to bring the right man, (those years marked by a very successful career teaching 5th grade,)  for her, finally falling in love was also marked by an unexpected battle with breast cancer.  While not officially dating yet, he walked with her every step of the way, and when she was officially in remission, they were officially in love.  I know I'm not alone, but am instead one of many standing back in admiration of how the Lord works and marveling at the beauty of this couple's love for one another.  Their wedding was a celebration of all things good: life, love, health, joy and faithfulness.  I will never forget the privilege of having been a small part.  

Congratulations Miss Karen & Mr Gary!