Allison's Mini-Motherhood Session :: Colorado Springs Documentary Family Photography

So, after a lot of hard work and a lot of excitement, in the end I only booked one mini-motherhood session. And I’m not gonna lie, I took it pretty hard. I think all artist types have put something out in the world they really cared about that didn’t take the first time. It really can be so discouraging. But, on the other hand, when you really care about your art, you simply don't give up. I’m sure these sessions will come around again. They really are so close to my heart and I truly believe can serve as a huge blessing to Moms. 

For the one Mom who booked, I am so thankful, and not just because she was my only one. Allison and her family have been my most loyal clients, and Allison has become a sweet friend. A talented photographer herself, it’s always an honor to collaborate with other creatives. To walk in their home and see images we’ve created together all over their walls. We've worked together from the time that Jonah was just a newborn, and well, it almost brings me to tears it’s so humbling. To celebrate Mother’s Day and a day with her kiddos, muffins were baked, giggles filled the house, books were read, and to finish, puddles conquered. Glorious and beautiful and so so special. 

Love you sweet Easterling family. You guys are some of the good ones.