January 2012

it's the little stories {personal}

I was feeling anxious today.  Anxious about all the stories out there waiting to be told and captured.  Anxious about the phone not ringing.  It's hard to trust the process.  Hard to do something new.  Just being honest here.

But then tonight, as we were trying to cheer up our sick baby with a fun bedtime bath, one of his favorite things, and as I watched him crawl around and Drew try to wrestle him from slipping on the lavender scented bubbles, I couldn't help but pull out my camera, my favorite 85mm lens, and make just a few pictures.  And I thought, these moments are so precious to me.  I can't wait to look back on them for many years to come.  Even now, when I look back on photos of Henry almost a whole year ago when he was freshly baked, I weep. Literally weep.  

How fun would it be to do a shoot all based about getting ready for bed?  Capture dinner, games, clean up, baths, pjs, stories, and snuggling.  What fun.  How peaceful.  It's a little story but worth telling I think.

PS - sorry I'm thinking tonight in short sentences.  I'm not taking time to really develop my thoughts.  Just taking the risk to type them as they come.  It's that kind of quite night.