3 Things...to turn around a bad day

Every Thursday is 3 Things day. Every week the topic is different and the range is broad. From inspiration to diy to practical advice and lots of my favorite things, it’s my own personal internet round up. 

Let me just tell you that I often feel bad about having a bad day. It’s summer. We are all healthy lately. We have very very few commitments on our plate. And this year has been the first in the last couple where our family isn’t operating in survival mode.  It’s taken us a lot longer than I expected to find our mojo as a family of four and to have so much time on our hands this summer with no surgeries on the horizon. It seems to me that every day should be full of shining light and beauty and joy, but still, everybody has bad days sometimes. So, we move forward! 

Here are a few things I’ve learned lately about turning around a bad day. 

1. Find the light

Get outside, sit by a window, or throw open the doors. So often our bad days happen when we feel cooped up or in a rut. Finding the light in some way always perks us up and gives us some energy. (If there is no light to be found, like in the winter, consider a vitamin D supplement or adding Essential Oils to your daily routine. But talk to your Dr. before adding beginning a kind of supplement regimen.) 

2. Do something without thinking of the messy consequences. 

Pull out the finger paints. Turn on the sprinkler outside. Make a living room tent with every blanket in the house. Or give you kids a package of crackers on the floor just because they asked. 

I often judge activities by the amount of energy it will take to clean up the mess when the kids loose interest or if I just don’t feel like I have the time. BUT, undertaking an out of the ordinary activity will distract you and endear you to your babies. So…make a mess and think about the clean up later.

3. Remember that you can always start over. 

I know I’ve said this before, but that’s because it’s a personal mantra of mine. Every day is full of enough grace to start over at any moment. Don’t be afraid to stop, scrap whatever you’re doing and start over. Change direction, change your environment, and I can almost promise you your attitude will change. 

Enjoy these images of a bad day we had this week. We found the light, made a mess, and I created something with the kids in taking these pictures. Even at 3pm it changed the direction of our day.

I pray it will encourage you to always at least try to turn around your bad day.