you are my sunshine (our haven)

Ever since Henry was a baby, I sang to him 'You are my Sunshine.' I saw THIS print by Katie Daisy when I was pregnant with him and immediately ordered it. It's been hanging for four years now and he often asks me to sing it to him. It's a ritual, a comfort and something just between us. He knows all the words and I've probably sung it a thousand times. If I'm not up to singing it, we love to listen to THIS version by Elizabeth Mitchell. It's so beautiful.

With Hazel, at some point this year I started singing her "Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do." Do you know that old nursery rhyme? Except I sing it, "Hazel, Hazel, give me your answer do." Anyway, now we all sing it to her, and somehow now, my babes have their own theme songs.  

Something about today's sunshine reminded me of this and I found myself singing both songs as we played outside on the porch. We've all been craving some vitamin D, and we've finally been getting some the last few days. I'm so grateful. I can't tell you how much it improves all our moods, and my productivity. 

And for those who are asking, here are a few pictures of the kids today. Birthday week kicks off this coming weekend and I'm already weepy about it. 

Do your kids or your family have a theme song? This is one of my favorite questions to ask my clients and I love to play songs during sessions. It tells so much about a person/family.