A Haven Blog: An Introduction

At the beginning of the year I spent the afternoon with two of the loveliest souls, whom I'm grateful to also call friends. We sat around the kitchen table drinking tea, passed around my babies, and they listened to me. They listened to my ideas, my dreams, my vision, and my heart. I've long been ready for a fresh start for my business and have been biding my time, sometimes out of necessity and sometimes out of fear. Finally the time is here and upon the urging and encourgement of those who love me, I bring you: 

A Haven Blog

This online space is something that I've imagined would bring together the beauty and practicality of living life as a wife, mother and mostly, a woman.  My hope is that it would be a place of encouragement and inspiration as well as artistic expression and friendly collaboration. 

But then, in the weeks since, I realized that I’m actually simply creating a haven for myself.  A place where all my adventures, interests, art work and thoughts and questions can come together, and then work themselves out. One of my deepest dreams is that my life would itself be a haven for those I love to come and be refreshed. I seek to have my heart open, my home a place for joy and sorrow, and that my art would bring encouragement and inspiration.\

Hopefully this will be a place where I won’t be pigeon holed as just a ‘blogger’ or a ‘photographer’ or a ‘mother’ or anything in-between. In my dreams, here I will grow, ask questions, succeed and fail. I also hope to collaborate with friends, artists who I wish to call friends, women and mothers whom I admire, all without comparison or judgement. 

So, I start now. Today I share some of my thoughts and my ideas before the website, branding or anything else has caught up to my head and heart. That will all come. It’s all in the works and I’m so excited to be in a season of inspiration. It’s so refreshing and it’s been a long time since I’ve been truly refreshed. If it’s been a long time for you too, I hope you’ll bookmark A Haven Blog and come back soon to watch it grow. 

And, because I can't post for the first time in a year and not share some pictures of my babes, here are some of my all time favorites. They are from summer a year ago, right before we moved. We took the babes, on a warm summer evening, into 'our fields,' our open space, our outside haven all the years we were apartment living. As Spring is springing in our backyard I'm anxiously anticipating the return of summer. And though my babies have grown so much since this day, I return to these images often and truly cherish the joy and warmth I feel when I look at them. I hope you get the same sense.