Carey is Expecting! {Denver, CO Maternity Photography}

It is always so encouraging to meet truly lovely people. You know, the kind of people who are just kind, laid back, generous with their time and smiles, and who, at the same time come across as decisive about the things they want out of life? I don't know if that all makes sense, but these are some of the things I think about Carey and her beautiful and growing family since I met her just a few short weeks ago. Through a busy beginning of the summer, Carey and I have been in touch planning her maternity session, as well as her upcoming birth and infant portrait sessions. I love telling stories from start to finish and was so excited to meet someone like Carey who had the same desire for this season of life with her family to be captured. Carey has been so warm and open to ideas throughout the last few months, and nothing, not sickness or business, which seemed to keep postponing our meeting, seemed to discourage her from the process, even as her due date rushed towards us. When we finally met, all I could think about was how warm and welcoming she and her boys were, as well as laid back and just...friendly! The end of pregnancy can bring out the angst in even the calmest woman I think, but there was no hint of it in these three as we met one summery evening last week to capture her gorgeous full-term belly. This family was soaking up every warm and glowy moment of being just three and I just enjoyed my time with them oh so much. 

So enjoy and look in the coming weeks to see more of the sweet family's 'baby' story.