The Peony {Fine Art Floral Photography}

Well, I briefly introduced the release of this Peony Collection on Friday in celebration of Drew and I's 5th Anniversary, but I wanted to highlight it again for you all!

Peonies are hands down my favorite flower! Their delicate petal and sweet aroma let us know that Summer is in it's earliest of stages and they are the flower of choice to celebrate Mother's Day, June Weddings, and just bringing your honey home flowers this time of year. With their season being so short, Drew is always great at making sure I'm well stocked on Peonies for the months of May and June so I don't miss them so much the rest of the year when they're near impossible to get. 

Anyway, all that to say, I think this flower is beloved by many and I've had many requests for a collection of prints celebrating this beautiful bud. So, here it is! I have to tell you that these are already hanging in my house and I love them! I hope you will too! 

Oh...and the details... 

You can always purchase your prints right here at However, in celebration of my new Etsy Shop, and our Anniversary, receive 20% off through the end of the month when you order with code ON ETSY:


Lots of options of places to purchase these beautiful prints. 

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Happy Pinning, Sharing, Tweeting & Ordering!