Emery Grace {Denver, CO: Infant Portrait Photography}

I have to tell you that my dear friend Emma, who is pictured here with her beautiful children, and probably many of you who are non-weepers, will likely poke a little fun of me for saying this: a few warm tears escaped me while working on these photos. It's because there is just something so lovely, strong, inspiring, and heartwarming about watching the love and emotion between a mother with her children. I will never tire of being deeply thankful to witness and capture such love and memories being made.  Sometimes, I just have to shed a happy tear for it all, you know?

If you’ve followed this blog for long you’ve seen this family grace these pages before. It is because they are dear and precious friends to our family. I cannot overstate it so I don’t know if I should try. Instead I will say, welcome to the world baby Emery. (It’s about time I got to photograph you!) You are as lovely as your mother, as cute as your brother, and though not pictured here, I’m sure you’ll be just as smart as your Daddy.

Wink, wink. Kiss, kiss.

(Most the pieces of this beautiful set were created by Emma for baby E’s room, with the exception of the feather potato stamped linen blanket, which is awesome and by one of Emma's friends. All I can say is Wow!!)