Quiet Nights {Denver, CO: PErsonal Inspiration}

Quiet nights. That's what I've been enjoying lately. I often fight these peaceful evenings in-lew of projects, work and general business, but I had a glimpse this week of the busy days that may be coming my way. And so I look to warmly embrace the simple things that make up my quiet nights: taking time to make homemade bread and sit down to enjoy it's warmth and sweetness with my Little Man, crocheting my first baby blanket (not for any particular baby...just learning to crochet,) and enjoying some quality time with community and those who I love. I aspire to enjoy this time, facing the unknown ahead of me, honored as always to capture moments, big and small. 

And I must then apologize for  the silence in this forum of memories. Winter is a quiet time for my work load, and instead of carrying the burden of stress I'm trying to embrace the calm. I'll honestly admit that I hope it's the calm before the storm of summer sessions and a bevy of births...I suppose we shall see though. We shall see.