The Birth of Ally Joy - Denver Birth Photographer

Image from Hospital Birth of Newborn Baby Girl Born in Louisville Colorado by Haven Life & Photo and Rachael Hope

As many of you may have noticed lately, big changes are happening around Rachael {hope} Photography.  I’ve decided to take the year off of photographing weddings (except for maybe a very select few) and I don’t know if it’s something I’ll return to or not.  For now, I know that my heart and schedule just aren’t in the time commitment of photographing weddings, I’m just enjoying connecting with families so much, I’d be happy to photograph families and children all day long.  And while this may seem flakey and I really did agonize over the decision, I always have said that one of my favorite parts of my job is that it can mirror my season of life.  There is something really special about connecting with clients who are in the similar season of life as you and many of my clients become dear friends for this reason. This is also a busy season of life with Henry and as I continue on the journey of finding a balance of being a stay-at-home-Mommy who works or a working Mommy who stays-at-home, the long hours of wedding photography just aren’t working for our family.

Image from Hospital Birth in Louisville Colorado by Haven Life & Photo & Rachael Hope


I write this long intro as a lead-in to introduce you to a NEW and EXCITING season of Rachael {hope} Photography:


I know it probably seems weird, and in this moment you’re doing a double take I’m sure. After the birth of our Little Man, I became very interested in Birth Photography but have found very few resources in the Denver area. While we have a few snap shots taken my wonderful Mother of Little Man’s birth, we have so few images of this day that completely changed our lives, equal to, or maybe even greater than, the day we got married. It seemed to us that we missed out on capturing something truly precious.

While this is something that I recognize is probably not for every expecting Mother and there are a whole host of questions everyone has about the whys and process and pricing of such a thing, today I just want to start by sharing some (non-graphic) birth photos with you.  And over the coming months as I begin to spread the word and photograph more births, I will answer many of your questions.  I promise.

You may remember Brenda’s Maternity photos from a few weeks ago.  Brenda is one of my dearest friends and when she asked me to photograph her birth I was beyond honored and extremely excited.  Here is her reasoning to why she wanted this precious moment documented:   

"Being pregnant with my second child, I looked back on my first pregnancy and delivery to reflect on what was great and what I would do differently. With my first child, I chose not to have a photographer for the delivery because I am fairly modest and was concerned about it being uncomfortable and graphic. We ended up with some not so great pictures taken on our phone and a lot of great moments not captured on film because we were busy enjoying it all. I realized that the delivery is only a small part of the whole experience. I knew this time around I wanted a photographer to capture my husband supporting me during labor, the look on my husband's face upon the arrival, my son meeting his sibling for the first time, my first kiss with the baby, meeting family members, the first bath, and so much more. These are the things that are so beautiful about labor and delivery and should be cherished forever. 
I chose Rachael Hope Photography for a lot of reasons; her style is similar to mine, she listens and is easy to approach with ideas or concerns, and her work is breathtaking. She made me feel really comfortable with the idea of sharing a really intimate moment. During the labor, Rachael was present, peaceful, and engaged in conversation when she felt welcome and invited too. When it came to the delivery and the moments after that, I knew she was there but I did not notice or worry about what she was doing. It was a perfect balance of not being invasive but also not absent.  I am eternally grateful for the memories she captured on film of this huge milestone in my family. She more than exceeded my hopes and expectations, and I would recommend her for anyone's labor and delivery."

Thank you Brenda! You're words are precious to me and make me cry.  

So enjoy friends of R{h}P!  I hope you'll join me for this new journey and spread the word.  And if you or someone you know may be interested in having their birth photographed, please contact me! I'd love to grab a cup of tea and chat about it with you!

In case you can't tell, the family was surprised by the sex!  

Welcome to the world Ally Joy!!!

Come back next Wednesday for Ally's infant photos just a few days after her birth. She is so cute you won't want to miss it!