Happy New Year!!! {Denver, CO: Personal Creative Children's Portraits}

Happy New Year!

I’m writing to you very early this morning…like 1:00am early.  A rare sight for me to be up this late and I will be paying tomorrow, another too full day with no time scheduled for napping.  That’s just what I get though for still living it up like it’s the holidays and booking every spare moment of my day so that my work get’s shoved to the dark hours of the night. Hopefully this will not become a habit this year, and yet there is always that potential as a working Mom.  But let’s start at the beginning again…

Hi! How was your Christmas?  Ours was blessed, busy and flew by way to fast.  Throw in a birthday and New Years, and I feel like I’ve lived a whole year in just the last two weeks.  I’m ready to return to some normalcy honestly: a rest from the holidays, vacation from my vacation, yada, yada, yada. 

But in the midst of the turning over of the page that will contain the story of 2013 in my life, I’ve spent lots of time thinking about resolutions, as seems to be the thing to do these first few days of the year. Overwhelmed by resolutions or goals in yearly or 52 day or monthly increments, most of my goals still only exist on scrap pieces of paper and sticky notes around my desk and in my heart.  How is it only the 4th and I already feel behind on accomplishing all the work that I hope will get done this year?  From potty training to travel to new photography opportunities and maybe even our first house, 2013 promises to be an adventurous year.  I promise to share much of it here: my goals, my hopes and maybe even some of my dreams. 

And of course, lots and lots of pictures…starting off with some New Years moments of my Little Man enjoying the rest of the New Years decorations. See you Monday!