Emily & Her Girls {Denver,CO: Creative Family Portraiture}

Last week Henry and I went to visit some of our favorite friends, the Gazlay Girls.  You may remember a post that doesn't seem so long ago when Emily was pregnant with her and her husband's first daughter, Annelise.  Now they have two precious baby girls! Nataleigh was born just after Christmas and is the post precious and awake sweet thing there ever was! Even though we were all really just catching up, I couldn't help bring my camera to take a few shots of the new sweet baby, but she was so awake during our time with the girls, I had a challenging time getting her to do any of those sweet and sleepy newborn poses.  So all the girls just piled on the bed for some snuggles and a few pictures before we all went outside for some play in the sunshine.  (Unfortunately that didn't last long with two toddlers, an infant and only two Mamas, but that's another story. ;)

Anyway, I have been so blessed to watch, over the last few weeks and months, several of my closest friends bring their 2nd children into the world.  It is such a beautiful process to behold but I also know it's had it's challenging moments for each of these precious families. My prayer is that photos like these will rise above the difficult moments of adjusting to becoming families of four and bring reminders of the beautiful moments of having sweet babies. Perhaps easy words to say, but I mean them from the depths of my heart.