A gardener of souls. {Denver, CO: Monday Musings}


This weekend I spent some time letting my soul be encouraged at the Mom Heart Conference in South Denver. Author Sally Clarkson and her family have a beautiful ministry to family's and Mother's, teaching, training and encouraging Godly parenting and inspiring women to continue in the beauty of the roll of Mother.  I watched my Mom read Sally's books for years growing up and they were the first I pulled off her copious shelves when I found out I was pregnant with our Little Man.  Sally's words prepared me to become a Mother and have encouraged and inspired me along the way. They have also become a constant companion as I can be found perpetually reading her many books or blogs.  

I was especially honored to attend the conference with my lovely mother and couldn't feel more blessed or refreshed as I start this week with my busy almost 2 year old.  Motherhood is truly such a gift and so today I just want to give a shout out to Mamas.  Mother's Day is still a ways out but Mom's of all ages and all kind of families serve day in and day out.  

I hope this video from Sally will bring you some encouragement today as you Mother your children, no matter their age or your situation. And if you're needing some extra encouragement, you should check out Sally's newest book, Desperate: Room for the Mom Who Needs to Breath, written along with Mom Blogger, Sarah Mea.  It just came out last week and I'm already more than half way through it...it's wonderful.  

Many of the following mothers I've had the privilege of photographing have become my dear friends and they all have inspired me. I hope their smiles inspire you today too. 

Happy Monday!