camping {Denver, CO: Personal Photography}

Note: In a step toward simplifying my online presence, I recently deleted our family blog, which had not been updated since the beginning of the summer.  ( I just couldn't keep up.) And yet, not wanting to completely loose my outlet for writing about and sharing photos of my beautiful family, I've decided to make Fridays 'Our Story Is...' days.  I figure, why not?!  So enjoy these posts where I muse on the adventures of family and my photography experiments.  My boys are such good sports. :)

Not very many weekends ago we decided to have a little family outing, or adventure as we like to call it, and take Henry on his very first camping trip.  It seemed like such a brilliant idea to us seeing that camping is a favored pass time of ours, sadly forgotten amidst the throngs of the last few years of diapers and feeding schedules, etc. However, Henry is a true adventurer, as his friends and family will tell you. His sense of discovery eeks from his very soul and through every pour, and so camping seemed to be just the ticket for a very busy little boy.

Now, I will also tell you that I tend to take pride in my camping abilities.  I love to cook over a fire,  I have no problem doing my 'business' outside behind a tree, and I sleep like a baby in a tent and sleeping bag.  So, in this spirit of 'true' camping, we availed ourselves of all unnecessary comforts from home, kept the food simple, and with only a few items in the trunk, we headed to the mountains.  In hind site, perhaps if I'd been willing to bring a few more homey comforts however, we would not have had such a long night that night.

The following photos will share many of the good times we had (a mixture of film and iPhone pics.  I didn't take my big girl camera.)  These photos do not convey the 8pm family bedtime, the 5 hours of playing/crying/screaming Henry succumbed to in our 2 person tent, nor the fear that I held all night that we were going to get reported and kicked out by our fellow campers.  The raw emotions of complete exhaustion will not soon leave us and camping with a toddler probably isn't something we'll try again this year.  And yet, finally falling asleep in the wee hours of the morning, with the night sky still hung with millions of stars, all snuggled as a family, was a truly breathtaking moment.  Yes, it wasn't all bad, or all good...I think that's why they call it an adventure.  The good moments fed our souls and knit our family heart even tighter, as all such experiences do.   All in all, I'm glad to have the photos to show the greasy hair, the dirty fingernails, Henry's huge forehead goose-egg, and to show that we survived.  All in all a successful adventure.

Just click to see each photo larger. :)