henry is 18 months. {Denver, CO: Personal Toddler Portraits}

To My Sweet Boy,

I sit in awe that Sunday you will officially be 18 months old. And while I've been rounding up and telling people that you're a year and a half for a week already, I was truly flabbergasted at the amazing little boy sitting in front of my camera this morning. You have grown so tall and strong in the last few months and everyone keeps commenting on what a toddler you are. Yes, you've lost all the baby-ish qualities that were still lingering on your first birthday. They gave way over the last 6 months to a very tall toddler, causing me to double take every day thinking, how did my baby get so big?!

To know you is to love you though sweet boy. You have the adventurous spirit of Tom Sawyer,  the curiosity of Curious George, and the urge to conquer the physical world before the need to speak of it, like your Father. And you still have my eyes. You make us laugh daily and nothing comes as easy to you as a smile. You are teaching us to find the joy in every moment. To take nothing (not even the ability to open any type of lotion/shampoo bottle, or stacking every object ever created, or climbing on anything and everything,) for granted. For even these simple things bring you hours of sincere concentration and then celebration once they are mastered. I love how you see the world Henry James: as a place to be touched, discovered, and enjoyed. 

So keep walking barefoot my sweet boy.  Keep learning, and growing, and taking a few moments every day to snuggle us before bed time.  

Love Forever,