the at home curator {denver, co: monday musings}

I've been musing lately about the roll of a curator in preserving art and history.  The career itself completely fascinates me.  Can you imagine your whole job being to collect, protect, be educated about, restore and share artwork with the world?  The job description itself is vast in meaning and application and can be applied to the preservation of cultural heritage in many innumerable artistic expressions from painting to the written word to sculpture to fashion; and in many venues, from archives to libraries to museums.  I think that job in and of itself sounds completely fascinating. 

Over the summer, while I was contemplating the job and purposes of a curator, I've begun to think of myself as a curator, not just of my own photographic work, but on the history of our little family, such as it is.  While the overload of photos on my desk, whether on a roll of film, an SD card or my iPhone, my computer is always over-run with our family photos just waiting to be organized, edited, printed, archived and labeled as history for future family purposes and gatherings.  Yes, the world of curating a family history has changed significantly in most recent years and I am newly determined to engross myself in the subject.  

While those who make their living and livelihood in this way would perhaps frown at me using these terms too liberally, I look forward to digging into the life and work of the curator and applying the lessons to my own life, in an effort to create a family memory and history which is worth preserving for my children and their children, and on and on.  I want to know how one decides what to preserve and what to delete, in this digital age of almost a 1000 photos on our iPhones.  I hope to use my skills of organization to help encourage and simplify your process for staying organized and up-to-date with your photo archives, no matter the format and no matter how long it's been since you looked at those photo boxes.  Together we will talk about the value of investing in pieces of art, created to capture our most precious family moments verses the day to day snap shots of our phone cameras.  And finally we will determine the best way to print, scrapbook and frame those pieces of art worthy of our walls  for all the world to see.  

I'm excited to share this journey of curating philosophy here on my blog, and I hope, perhaps wistfully, to post every Monday. My prayer is that it will bring encouragement, excitement and a fresh vigor to anyone who trespasses here, myself included, bringing a name and new value to what many of us are probably already doing.  I welcome your thoughts and hope you dally a moment to leave some feedback.  

With Warm Regards,