Bekah & The Blameless {Portrait Session #4}


As I plan to endear myself to all things that speak of summer in the coming days, I can often be found sitting in front of a window, staring out at the great green foliage, making plans for picnics and pool days.  The colors of summer have already long been a companion though, as you can see in the following photos from late March!  But with life whirling by, I’ve been amiss in keeping the world updated on my lovely sister Bekah’s inspired musical project, The Blameless, and the album print shoot we did several weeks ago.  Now that the album is recorded, designed and being printed, I have express permission to share some of the photos from this series.

These photos, though as I said were taken in March, remind me of summer.  They are full of the life, color, humor and exquisite grace that many call Bekah Wagner.  Her album is full of the same and I hope you’ll mark your calendars to purchase it on June 12th.  Until then, let the color and Joy of summer, shown here, inspire you to turn on your favorite song (mine is currently any off of this album) and soak up some sunshine.


Find out more about Bekah’s upcoming album at 

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See Bekah in the studio HERE! 

See Bekah in an intimate house show HERE!

Finally, see the making of The Blameless HERE!



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