Henry turnes 1 year old {Denver, CO: Personal Portrait Photography}

This morning, at 11:20 am, my son Henry James turned 1 year old.  I’m in shock and awe at how fast this first year of knowing him flew by.  I’ve been an emotional wreck all day feeling both fully grateful and joyful about this monumental occasion as well as sorrow filled that time is running away.  In some moments I wish I could go back and relive every moment of this year again. {Yes, even the poop explosions, sleepless nights, and countless tears from both Henry and I.} But man, one sure is fun!

I’ve thought so much about this day and all the things I want to say to express the emotions overflowing in my heart.  I could talk about Henry and Drew and our journey as a family for hours and days and weeks.  The heart of that talk though would be that I consider myself beyond blessed and lucky to know Henry James.  Not only has he caught onto life and it’s adventures so quickly this year, he has a veracity for adventure and a curiosity that never ends, both of which I hope he will never loose site of.  He is pure boy.  He is pure cuteness.  He is pure joy.  He is ticklish like his Mom and he says ‘Dada’ exclusively.  His laugh is easy and contagious.  He is overly friendly and a bit of a flirt.  He loves all things electronic and will definitely be a child of the 21st century. 

As you can see from the photos below, he loves the camera, and a good thing too since his Mom has taken an obscene number of photos since the day he was born.  If for no other reason, I’m blessed to be photographer so I could witness, capture and preserve these precious moments, of a precious life, in my precious family. 

Happy Birthday Henry James.  I love you with all my heart.



{2 Seconds Old}

{1 Day Old}

{2 Weeks Old}

{1 Month Old}

{2 Months Old}

{3 Months Old}

{4 Months Old}

{5 Months Old}

{6 Months Old}

{7 Months Old}

{8 Months Old}

{9 Months Old}

{10 Months Old}

{11 Months Old}

{1 Year Old Today!}