Doran Family {Denver, CO: a SIMPLE SESSION }

Hmm.  Good morning. 

With another great weekend behind me, I face a daunting week with optimism, energy {at least I will after a few more cups of coffee,} and the sweet memories of time with my boys, something that always invigorates me.  There is just nothing like family time.  We guard it jealously around here, which is why when the lovely Doran Family asked me to come on over to their home to capture their family Saturday morning rituals, I was honored to be peeking in on such a treasured time.

Drew and I have known the Eric and Emily for five years already!  Eric was a roommate of Drew’s in college and Emily lived next door.  The good old college times ruled back then and little did we know that five years later we would all be married with babies.  Little Ember just turned one at the beginning of the year and Eric and Emily wanted to capture this special time.  I had so so much fun, driving early to their home up north, everything covered in snow from the previous day’s blizzard, and arriving just in time to help wake up Ember from her morning slumber.  There were snuggles, games, books, breakfast and a little snowy adventure.  I couldn’t be happier with how these turned out and my prayer is that these opportunities will come my way more and more as I feel like I really shine in this style of photography.  Emily had some very sweet things to say about the shoot as well:

“Rachael.  I am astounded at how simple and beautiful the photos are.  I am so pleased at how you were really able to capture our family in how we are with each other every day.  I can’t express to you how much we appreciate having such beautiful artwork for our home and to document our lives.  It was very important for us to remember how we are in this very moment.  How we spent our days.  How we looked in the morning or going for a walk.  How we interacted with our daughter and each other as a new family, as new parents.  I really feel like these photographs are exactly what we were looking for…I can’t stop looking at them.  We’re in love.”

Her words made me cry and still do as I feel profoundly thankful for the opportunity and the friendship that’s being re-sparked through this process.

So enjoy this {very long } series on a cold Monday morning.  And take some time to plan a day with family and those you love this week.

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