Bekah {portraits: session #2}

With two beautiful ladies.  Listening to lots of beautiful music.  That's what I was doing last Saturday night at a cozy house show in Denver. And on this snowy and blustery day, I'm surrounding myself again with the melodic and insightful tunes of Bekah Wagner and Stephanie Dorman.  I'm luck to call both of these lovely ladies sisters, friends and fellow artists.  If you're looking for some good tunes while home bound today check out the links below.

Listen to some music by Stephanie Dorman: Click Here! {This song is amazing!  I downloaded it and have it on repeat right now as I'm writing.  I've loved Steph's voice for years and will for many to come.}

Watch/Listen to Bekah's newest music video and other music: Click Here! (Props to Ydg?! Productions on the video.  Isn't the song AMAZING!  It will touch you in a deep place, for realz.) 

These ladies will blow you away!  I blogged last week about Bekah's current recording project which started recording this week!  She still needs your support though, so pre-purchase her album Here!  

Finally, if you weren't lucky enough to catch the concert last week, Bekah will be another show coming up on February 9th in Colorado Springs!  Check for updated info on her Kickstarter Page. Stephanie also plays frequent shows in Denver so friend her on Facebook and keep up with her amazing music.  

So, enjoy these cozy photos.  Listen to the music and it's almost like you were there! 

{Check back next week for a recording session with Bek & some amazing Strings players, a beautiful family's 'sleepover session', and I do have a wedding that's long overdue sharing. :)}