Bekah in the Studio {portraits: session #3}

I’m amazed by music every day.  It has power to move us, inspired us, express what is inside of us, and calm us.  With the Grammys yesterday, honoring many of today’s greats in the music industry, as I watched I couldn’t help but think about Bekah, one of the greats in my world and on my iPod. 

It was an honor to watch Bekah’s vision and music come to life in the studio last week.  Her amazing producers, Michael Rossback and John Arndt of The Brilliance, amazed as they composed recorded the string pieces and the trio from the Denver Symphony Orchestra and Colorado Springs Orchestra played each note with incredible precision and talent.  I was utterly amazed and in awe of each melodic melody, which teased the ear and touched my heart.  Music reaches a deep part of me and always has.  To be touched by the music that comes from the heart of my sister is even more amazing and I can’t wait until she’s sharing it with the world.  Until then, enjoy this series from the studio.