Merry Christmas from me to you {Denver, CO: Personal Post}

Hello Friends,

Once again I have overestimated my ability to keep up with tri-weekly blogging during such a busy and bustling time. I find myself very tired as I recover from a bought with kidney stones over the weekend and now a long to-do list of Christmas shopping and such before we leave town for the long weekend. I didn't even do a Christmas card this year and I LOVE Christmas cards. So, though I truly do enjoy blogging, I've decided to take a brake for the next few weeks.  

And as I leave you all for a week or two, I just want to say a few thank yous.  Thank you to an amazing year full of incredible clients that made my work so meaningful and joyful. Thank you to my community and extended family who are always so gracious about my work and always being available to help with Henry. Thank you to my husband who is the most supportive soul and whom I truly love. This year we fought against each other and then we fought together against the world babe. I'll be happy to fight along side you for all of time. Thank you to Henry James, who is the most joyful being in the whole world and whom I adore with all my heart. And finally Thank you to my Lord and Savior, whose grace covers all my faults and who carries me when I'm downtrodden. 

Oh...and thank you to Brad and Hayley Trone of Hayley Rheagan Photography for these amazing family photos! 2nd year in a row that these two captured our family perfectly and we're SO THANKFUL! Love you guys! (All photos taken in Santa Fe, New Mexico)

Maybe I'll see you next week for my birthday week...and maybe I'll see you the first week of January! Either way...


With Warmest Regards,