Advent Week #2 {Denver, CO: Monday Musings}

A simple reflection tonight about the hope that advent brings.  

For me, 2012 was a year of unexpected trials and tribulations. No, it was not a year without it's great joys as well, but this year will be marked more-so for me in having simply survived it.  Hope was a large part of that. Hope for our future. Hope in old dreams dying and new dreams being born. Hope and faith that what we believe is true.  And as we celebrate Advent and prepare for the coming of the Christ, I am filled with hope anew that 2013 will be a year of it's own joys, some trials, and hopefully some dreams fulfilled. 

So as we light (and then blow out and light and blow out, over and over again according to Henry's wishes) the Advents candles, how can  hope not spring anew as we teach our son to wait expectantly for the Christ child who brings our salvation? For he truly is our only hope of survival.

Hope.  It is my namesake. You'd think i'd be better at finding it by now.