PRINT something worth curating {Denver, CO: Monday Musings}

I'm finally getting around to wrapping up what became a 4 part series on the ideas of curating your family history at home.  Taking the time to document my own thought journey, I addressed what an at home curator could look like, the importance of living a life worth curating and, not so subtly, the importance of investing in artwork worth curating.  Finally we come to the most simple and yet vitally important idea: PRINTING YOUR PHOTOS!

I will not trespass on your time long on this point, except to say, why take photos if not to print, organize and store them?  Printing your photos will help you cherish them even more, and organizing them into books, albums, scrapbooks or frames is the core essence of what an at home curator does in the simplest form of the job.  An Instagram feed or an unorganized desktop of unorganized and unprinted photos is like the drawer full of undeveloped film.  So whether you're shooting digitally or with film, please allow me to make a few humble suggestions on convenient places and ways to organize & print your photos with little pressure on your busy schedule or pocket book.

1. Develop your film.  

I highly recommend searching out the independent studios in your area that still develop film.  If none can be found, check out Richard's Photo Lab online.

2. Organize your photos. 

I recommend organizing by date.  For instance, I initially organize all my iPhone photos by month through iPhoto. I organize all my big girl photos by year and then event.  (eg: 5th year of marriage: Santa Fe Trip 2012 OR Henry: Year 2: 18 Months)


I recommend ordering prints first from your photographer! They will have the best recommendations for which photos to print, the best quality prints and can even make recommendations on how to display your photos in a beautiful way!

To print photos yourself, I recommend the following companies for high quality photo prints, if you can not find a local independent studio.  I DO NOT RECOMMEND PRINTING YOUR PHOTOS AT ANY OF THE MAJOR RETAIL CHAINS THAT PRINT PHOTOS. 

PostalPix – Print phone photos strait from your phone and pay minimal shipping!

mPix – A great online print company with great pricing. 

CanvasPop – Order some of those great canvases for your home, even straight from your phone!

Blurb – the BEST photos books out there.  I love these things and super easy to design yourself. 

So there you go!  I hope these few little tips have inspired you to spend a little time thoughtfully preserving your family’s history.  From deciding what to capture to what to print, it is the honor and privilege of the at home curator to take these simple steps, or create your own.  I know that I am personally anxiously waiting to see our family photos and I can’t wait to print and plaster them all over the home! 

Check back next week for a new direction of these Monday musings. I’m excited to share some new personal projects with you.