fruit of my labor {denver, co: Personal Fine Art Photography)

Rarely have I been as inspired by life as I have been since the day my existence changed and my son came into the world.  While this may sounds corny to some, I think most parents could probably identify with this feeling and such a feeling was the spark for this personal project.

Those who follow this blog will remember Henry's discovery of a pomegranate a few weeks ago.  I think I've had more comments about this post than perhaps any other in the history of this blog.  To answer your questions: yes, he loved the taste of the pomegranate.  No, I do not normally let him climb on the table.  And no, I had not preconceived that photo opportunity. It just presented itself in a moment of mother/toddler desperation.  

I'm pleased that so many found this post appealing, inspiring and just pure fun.  I also enjoyed that day immensely and the idea was sparked in me for some portraits of fruit with similar coloring of that day with Henry.  I've long been searching for some pieces of art for our dining room, with no luck really.  I finally sat down to create something that could hang timelessly in our home, while at the same time always remind us of that day with Henry and the beauty of discovery.  

I am more than pleased with the results and can't wait for these to get back from the printer on their fine art water color paper, full of color saturated grainy goodness, and go up on my wall for a very long time. While to some they may be just simple photos of fruit, to me they will always remind me to slow down and enjoy how blessed I am to be a witness of life and all it's discoveries.

Consequently, I'm wondering about selling a limited number of these prints.  I can't help but hope they would fit in someone else's home and I would be honored to be considered.  Please contact me (see above) if you'd be interested in more information.  :)

Happy Monday!