Easterling Family & Baxter {Colorado Springs, CO: Creative Family Photography}

I’ve said it every year now for 4 years and I will say again how humbled and blessed I am to work with so many lovely people year in and year out.  The Easterling family is at the top of that list of lovely people, not only because they are always willing to go along with whatever wacky idea is currently tickling me pink and usually ends with us all shivering outside, but also because they are genuinely loving, creative and joyful people. 

This year we decided to keep things close to home on a cold fall day, cozying up under a ‘touch of fall’ (a hand crafted branch chandelier by yours truly) and keeping warm with a few snuggles. They also wanted to include their 4th family member, Baxter, the elderly Basset Hound. 

Sadly, Baxter passed away shortly after this session.  And as anyone who has ever lost a family pet and furry friend knows, it is such a sad thing to have happen, especially when you have young children.  I’m so glad that the Easterling family can look back on these photos to remember their beloved Baxter, as well as the beauty of their love and family, which only grows stronger with each passing year.

Thank you for a great time as always Easterling Family.  Until next year…