the Dady family {Denver, CO: Creative Family Portraiture}

Not long ago I found myself listening to a friend describe a lovely young family of her acquaintance. From her words I knew that I must reach out to this family to see if they'd like to model for my camera and so I contacted them with my best offer, which they accepted.  And though I had a nudge in my spirit that this was a photography match made in heaven, it wasn't until Crystal (Mother of this dear family of four) and I connected that I realized just how wonderful this session was going to be.  A mutual love for antique quilts, vintage children's books and the autumnal forest quickly bonded and inspired us.  I was also intrigued by her description of her daughter's love for wildflowers (she calls herself 'the dandelion queen' in the springs, which completely melts my heart.)  And even though the few wildflowers we ever see in Colorado are long gone by October, I was determined to create a crown of wildflowers for sweet Stella to don during our time together. (I found a bunch of lovely chamomile at Whole Foods!)  

Ultimately what made this session so lovely though was the sweet and quiet spirit of this precious family from Boulder.  Their quiet presence, easy smiles, and adventurous spirits were beyond anything I could have hoped or dreamed for our time together and the photos produced are some of my favorites to date.  I couldn't be happier to have met this family and hope to see much more of them in the years to come.