bekah {portrait: session #1}

I call Bekah many things.  Obviously the most important is sister.  But I also call her friend, confidant, Aunt and Godmother to Henry.  Others call her wife, teacher, leader, and singer, just to name a few.  We all call her beautiful, talented, gifted, writer, musician, songstress, worshiper, and artist.  It’s been a long time coming, Bekah’s first solo EP Album, chock full of her smooth and powerful vocals, heartfelt lyrics and intuitive musicianship. 

I spent last Friday morning with Bekah.  Not a unique thing to do in the scheme of our lives as sisters, and yet special as each of our lives travel at a million miles a minute, generally in opposite directions.  So, I took advantage of one of her last writing days to photograph her in her home environment, cozy in her music room, writing and playing as if it were no thing at all.  The music flowed out of her.  Her passion and anticipation of showing others the music buzzes in every note and conversation.  It’s an exciting journey that I’m honored to document and share here. I hope you find these photos inspiring and honest, just like Bekah herself is and how I'm sure many will find her music.

Please take a moment to check out Bekah’s webpage to get more info on this project and hear from Bekah herself.  Donate by FEB. 11 and receive the album before it's publicly released later this year.  Also, listen/watch previous recordings of Bekah on various worship albums throughout the years.  Bookmark the page for info on upcoming concerts and shows in the Denver Metro and Colorado Springs areas. 

Next week I'll be sharing photos of Bekah's upcoming Denver show, but until then I hope you'll show her your love by commenting here, passing along the Kickstarter page, and most importantly, supporting her with at least a dollar: