welcome fall

Today feels like fall and Henry and I love it.  Long sleeves and cute hats for Henry means a whole new world of possibilities for capturing his cuteness.  These were obviously taken quickly with Instagram.  

Do you instagram?  I love it.  While some photographers may frown on it, I love being able to take quick and decent photos with my iPhone and Henry even knows when to smile for the camera...most of the time.

Anyway, I felt obligated to blog today but I can't lie that I don't have much of a backlog of photos to share right now. I've kept myself pretty quiet this summer and fall, which I love, but it's made me a much less frequent blogger.  That aside, I've loved not running around like a chicken with my head cut off from wedding to wedding.  It's hard to say no to bookings, but being picky in an effort to be home more has led to some amazing opportunities and some quality time with the most incredible clients.  

And now it's almost my favorite photography season of the year...Christmas card season! I love catching up with families that I photograph every year, one of the biggest perks of my job, and meeting new beautiful families wanting to capture this year's memories to share with their loved ones.  I'm already planning our first professional family photo shoot since Drew and I got married and I am over the moon excited!!  Anyway, there will definitly be more to share in the coming weeks, I promise.  And if you're trying to decide if you should go through the hassle of family Christmas photos in the coming weeks...DO IT!  It's always worth taking the time to capture this season of your family and I'd love to help!  Just shoot me an email.  

For today though, please enjoy these quick snapshots of my almost 6 month old!  Then grab a cup of tea/coffee/chai and a good book to enjoy the beginning of fall.  I think Henry are going to go on a walk to Starbucks.


PS - if you like to keep up with the blog, sometimes I blog more frequently over at our family blog, www.ourstoryis.squarespace.com