Madison {Colorado Springs Senior Portraits}

Can you believe it’s already August?!  The summer has just been flying by, I'm starting to wish fall was in the air, and as we near the beginning of school again, you know what that means?  Senior portrait season!  Yes, I’m a busy beaver this month with lots of senior portrait sessions (call if you’re still needing to book thought!) and I don’t think I could have kicked it off any better than I did with a senior from Colorado Springs, Madison.

Madison is a gorgeous girl inside and out.  Great style combined with a sweet demeanor and a mega-watt smile that captivates you and it’s no question that this sweet girl will be successful on whatever path she chooses after college.  As of now it will lead her through a fabulous Senior year full of plays and drama club, and a year from now she will hopefully be headed to the great north-east for college. 

Madison, I wish you all the best in the year to come and on all your college adventures.  You are a bright light that is sure to light up many dark places.