this man...

This morning as I slowly rolled out of bed and headed to the kitchen to make myself a bowl of Malt O'Meal for breakfast (yes, I love Malt O'Meal and eat it almost daily.  And yes I like that this kind of makes me an old soul.) I was compelled to share a story with the world...or at least those who happen across this blog.

Monday night I came down with a horrible sickness...a throat cold :( Up most of the night hacking, I woke up yesterday morning with a horrible fever, headache and aches combo.  While normally this wouldn't have been that big of a deal  (Drew and I are pretty hardy people who maybe get a cold once or twice a year,) being pregnant also quickly became another serious symptom.  I was at the Dr. first thing, hooked up to monitors to make sure Henry was ok because of my fever and horrible hacking and being as dehydrated as I was, at 36 weeks there are higher risks of these kinds of sicknesses kick starting labor.  And while I'm very ready to meet this baby...I don't want to meet him sick :(

Moving on...a little while later Henry was doing great and I was on my way home to be on bed rest for the day with a prescription in hand for several medications and trying to keep my eyes open enough to get to the couch.  I'd only been home about an hour when my amazing husband walked through the door, arms full of my meds, flowers and groceries for the sicky. While this may happen every day in your house, it's a rarity in ours because Drew and I kinda like to take care of ourselves when we're sick.  But this time was different and Drew saw it. He brought his work home for the afternoon and nursed me for hours on end.  This morning I woke up, still hacking and with no voice, but with the fever and aches gone, and a reminder set on my phone every time I can take my meds which are really helping...but really it was Drew's nursing I think that made the biggest difference.  

Needless to say, I'm so thankful for my love and I so appreciate him taking care of us and even letting me keep him up with all my hacking the last two nights.  But it's more than that...

I don't even know where to start when I want to brag on Drew.  In the last 2 1/2 years of marriage (and 7 1/2 years of relationship) I've learned so much from this man.  He's taught me how to be financially responsible, how to be a little more laid back, and the beauty of patience...all taught by example.  He is my biggest cheerleader and I am his...but I can honestly say that this business would not exist without Drew and his constant encouragement and helping me see the bigger picture on almost a daily basis.  He knows when I need to be held and he never holds a grudge when I get upset and treat him like poop (which of course I try not to do, but let's all be happens.)  We miss each other when we're apart and we can't get enough of each other when we're together. After all this time I can say that we are so, incredibly, desperately in love with each other and I never could have asked for more in my life than to live and love my best friend.

Bottom line: this man takes my breath away every day. Drew will be the most amazing Dad in the whole world and I'm so blessed to be the person to witness it first hand.  I know from experience the love Henry will experience from his Dad and how AMAZING that is.  



Anyway...thanks for letting me gush today.  And thanks for being so patient with all the personal blog posts these last few weeks.  More personal posts to come but hopefully some amazing baby photos coming soon too!  Newborn photography is about to be my new hobby :)


Pictures of Drew in Buffalo, NY this past summer.  His original stomping ground...thank God that he's a CO boy through and through now :)

So handsome...oh my heart.