the view today {personal}

hmm...this was the view from my 'office' today. 

To say that it's cold would be the understatement of...of the winter so far I guess.  There's not a lot that can prepare you for that biting cold, especially this morning when I went out with Drew as he was headed to work and I thought I would beat the storm and make a run to the grocery my sweats :)  Sadly the niavity of thinking we had beat the storm for the morning was quickly ripped away as we realized it had rained all night and there was a sheat of ice EVERYWHERE!  Needless to say, we both got in our upper body work out for the day in the 30 minutes it took us to scrape our car.  We're seriously considering renting some car ports if it's going to be this cold for Henry's arrival.

Anyway, after a long weekend I was happy to be cozy at home watching the snow.  This old photo of Drew that one of my all time favorites keeps me company as I work.  I do love that man.

Sipping on rasberry leaf tea all day.  It's really one of the best things for pregnancy and getting ready for labor.  While we're a few weeks away still the amazing doula at our Belly Bliss birthing class encouraged me to start downing this now...with a spoonful of clover honey it really does hit the spot. 

The Sunday morning sun in down town Denver after my mini engagement shoot with Miranda & Jim...which is coming later this week.  Anyway, the sun was glorious and I truly enjoyed this photo today with no sun to be found today.

Finally a before and after of Henry's room this weekend, which finally got painted! 

I'm not going to lie, I had a really hard weekend.  An emotional breakdown Saturday morning led to my amazing husband helping bring me back from the dark side with lunch and a movie (The King's Speech was amazing by the way.  Drew thought it was a little slow but it was my pace kind of movie.)  Anyway, we didn't get to painting for hours after we planned and ended up painting later into the night than we expected...which only meant that I had to do a bit of touching up today. We are super happy with how it turned out though and it's all ready to be moved into over the next few weeks. 

Speaking of which, a quick update on Henry: 32 weeks today is bringing a belly button that's about to pop, Baby Whisperer vs. Baby Wise, endless pregnancy breakouts (no one told me pregnancy can make your skin worse than it was when you were 13) and enjoying WWF action inside my tummy.  Other than being permantly glued to my sweats though, I'm quit enjoying this nesting season.  Birthing classes, birth plans and hospital classes are weekly activities or just on the horizon and I'm already feeling blessed just thinking about the baby shower my beautiful Mother and Mother-in-Law are throwing this weekend.  I can't wait to spend time with some of the most amazing women all day Saturday...

Anyway, all that to say my goal was to have Henry's room all ready for the shower craziness and I'm so glad to have done that!  (sorry for the poor picture quality below.  I just took them with a point and shoot :)

Anyway, I'm realizing what a random blog this is...I'm just getting used to this personal blogging thing, though I do have a few shoots up my sleeve to share with you all!  Hope you enjoy the update either way though.  I'm off to make some chili for dinner...stay warm friends.