high/low {personal}

Hello people...I'm blogging for the 3rd time this week!  Are you proud?  I'm trying to get into a better habit with blogging, especially so that I can keep up with it on the personal side of things when I don't have a lot of pictures to blog in the Spring while we wait for baby Mac to come.  That being said, I've had quit a day and thought I'd share some highs and lows of my day and week with you.  High/Low is a Drew and Rachael tradition on our weekly date nights - because I don't consider myself a very witty blogger and had nothing uber creative to share with you today,I thought I'd revert to this thought process for today's entry.



*Hearing baby Mac's heart beat today at the Dr.  13 weeks and counting...I already feel like I've been pregnant for forever.

*Receiving a surprising and rather large refund from the State for my last semester of school.  Baby accessory shopping here I come!

*Doing some 2011 r{h}p planning and bouncing ideas of photo friend and photo genius, Kathryn Bacalis.  I have so much work and praying to do but I'm excited for things to come.

*Decorating my house for fall.

*Watching 'The Back-Up Plan' with Drew.  While not an epic love story by any means, we found the pregnancy spoofs in this movie absolutely hilarious and entertaining. 

*Rocking some pretty sweet shoots this week including a Senior shoot that I'm dying to share.



*Finding out I lost weight this month.  I put this in the LOWS category because that's what a good pregnant woman would do...but part of me thinks, why didn't I adopt these weird and sparadic eating habits before I got pregnant?

*Having 27 weeks left until I can meet baby Mac.  It really feels like an eternity.

*Feeling unproductive and uncreative...have you ever had just one of those weeks?  While in writing this list I am reminded of how blessed I am, I can't help but feel discouraged for some disappointing reason.  Thank goodness for journaling :)

*Finding out that Alias will not be coming to our Netflix que any time soon.  Such a bummer...Bek, you understand.

*Watching The Cove.  I can not believe that people eat dolphins.


All in all, I am blessed.  While if I'm honest I've really struggled the last three months with not feeling like my normal productive, overachieving and organized self, as I sit amidst my very dirty apartment I continue to try to be ok with the extra time for self-reflection.  Seasons like this are good I guess, though hard to appreciate in the moment, at least for me.  I am forever thankful for the friends and family who know the real me and are willing to remind me of all the blessings and excitement that life has to hold.  

And with that, here's to a great weekend full of weddings and a fall folk/antique festival...my favorite.