estes park & peach pie {personal denver photography}

Yesterday Drew and I just needed some time away to the mountains after a busy week and before another busy week coming.  With Drew traveling work tomorrow through Wednesday night, and Thursday our whole family (parents, kids, grandparents, uncles, cousins) flying to Minnesota for my Uncle Matt's wedding, we just though a day in the mountains would be so refreshing.  So after church and a nap, we headed up to Estes Park to see the fall colors.  An hour drive later we took Manchester on a little walk, had pizza for dinner at one of our favorite little pizza places, and stopped for amazing pie.  It being fall and being pregnant, I've really been craving pie.  And while I LOVE making them myself, it's a lot of work!  So the sign on the door, which you'll see below, caught my eye.  Home to a movie and pie, snuggled up with my hubby was the perfect fall day.  If you haven't already - make sure you make it outside to the mountains to see the fall colors. They sadly won't last long.


I'll tell you that I don't love my smile in the photo below...but it's the only one that came out perfectly focused...I'm not very good at self portraits.  Either way, I think we look pretty good. ( belly pics :)

You can sit here by the river at the wine tasting room...I've always wanted to do it but maybe next time :)  Isn't it gorgeous?

My boys :)

One of the last tastes of summer.  I'm ready for this unreasonably warm weather to be over though...sorry pretty hydrangea. 

They read my mind!

Such an amazing combo for pie.  I'm gonna have to try this at home now.